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I will assemble a set of pictures from the '60's and '70's, taken from
The American Bullmastiff, and Bullmastiffs West   You get to see some old dogs, and young handlers!! 

todd.bmp (48378 bytes) Todd of Teddersbelle (BMF-14), one of the foundation dogs, especially for West Coast bullmastiffs.

toad.jpg (94706 bytes) Big Sir of Bull Brook (BMF-94T)  "Toad" was #2 bullmastiff for 1973.  From Shastid's Freehold

chips1.jpg (150260 bytes) Shastid's Blue Chip (BMF-194), "Chips" was one of my most favorite dogs.  Solid as a rock, both physically and mentally.  The handler is Taun Brooks. 

twiggy.jpg (95480 bytes) Twiggy of Torous, winning the '75 Futurity at 9 mos.   Owned by Bud & Pauline Smith

tomboy.jpg (119636 bytes) Tauralan Tomboy, shown going Best of Opposite Sex Apr 25, '71, Owned by Carol Beans.

prince.jpg (139026 bytes) Scyldocca the Black Prince,  Bullmast Bullmastiffs, Owned by Leonard V. Smith

brace.jpg (56117 bytes) The first Bullmastiff team ever shown in the United States.

The bullmastiffs of Hawthorne Park made new Bullmastiff history at the Farmingham district Club Show, Jun 2nd, 1968 when Ritter's Bonnie, Boma's Tartarus of Hawthorne, Lavender lady of hawthorne and Boma's Vigilia of Hawthorne faced judge John N. Cassevoy as the Rist Bullmastiff Team to be shown in the US.  Then from breed to group, under the amazed Judge A. Peter Knoop, and finally to face Judge Ernest Crowley, shown in the picture with Tom and Marcia Foy handling the team.  All ae American and Canadian champions except lavender lady whose American Championship was just confirmed by the AKC

chit.jpg (139937 bytes) 1967 American Bullmastiff Almanac.    Ch Chit Cavalier of Jusrtacres,    "Leo" at home with one of his ward, Sandra, age 7 years.   Owned by Mr. W. E. Edwards, Jr. 

titus.jpg (86085 bytes) 1967 American Bullmastiff Almanac.  Nightwatch Titus,  Bred by W. T. Watts, Coquitlam. B.C.   Sire:  Samson of bullstaff, Dam: Ch. Blackmist Cleopatra.  Owned by Edward Wallace   West Vancouver, BC.

bmduke.jpg (141667 bytes) 1967 American Bullmastiff Almanac.  Blackmist Duke.  Born Oct. 6, 1963  Sire: Blackmist Troy (Top Canadian Bullmastiff for three years)  Dam:  Blackmist Calamity Jane.

boomerang.jpg (53659 bytes) 1968 Fall American Bullmastiff.   Boomerang of Bulmas and his "mighty" little son, Mastodon Mighty.  This picture made front pages in various Australian, New Zealand and South African nespapers.  In Austrania a dog get 10 points at a show, if he wins a CC, otherwise nothing.  He gets one point for each dog up to 20, the limit that can be earned at one show.  100 points required for a championship, so you can understand that a championship is not easily attained

crufts68.jpg (116737 bytes) Ch. Little Miss Oldwell.   Sired by Ch Oldwell Tody of Studbergh, by Ch. Miss Oldwell.  Grandsire: Ch. Dandani of Oldwell.  Best of Breed, Cruft's 1968.  Second in Group Leeds Championship show, 1968, Second in Group Edinburgh Show 1968. 

sultan.jpg (93467 bytes) THE Hapenny's Sultan of Karatan.  Owned by Mike & Paula Bemiss.  Shown with best Jr. Handler at a Bullmastiff's West Fun match, Michelle Bemiss

hapenny.jpg (37189 bytes) More bragging rights (It IS my webpage)  Michelle with Shastid's Sound of Music, out of Shastid's Shawnee, our bitch.


redsteve.jpg (72010 bytes) '73 ABA National Specialty, Ch. Ramapo Torn'es Red Steve, Best of Breed. from Veteran Dog Class

May 72 Scyldocga Dirigo, Owner Mary Prescott


Bullmstiffs of Tailwynde, Scyldocga Bairn McTavish,
Captain and Mrs. Richard Pfenninger  May '72

Ch. Zaccheus Maximus  Tom & Chloe May, May '72

Ch. Teddersbelle Barbara Bam, Owner Carol Jacobs May '72

 Thanks, Carol, for the additional information.  Tomboy was my first homebread champion, and she was Thais's older sister.  This was a Winning Brood Bitch picture.  That dog is Ch. Tauralan Thundercloud (who just happened to be the sweetest, gentlest, dearest dog that ever lived).  The handlers are, from left to right, Helen Hellrich of Hellmark Bullmastiffs, Taun, Brooks, and myself, a mere 29 years ago.  May '72

Ch. Torous Clancy Jr.  Owners Bud & Pauline Smith May '72

Ch. Tauralan Thundercloud, Owner: Carol Beans

Ch. Charlie Hexam,  Owner:  Marjorie Triggs

Ch. Bandog British to the Core CDX, owner: Pat & Paul Lipson

Ch. Tailwynde's Rinky d'Ink, Owner:  Dick & Adele Phenninger

Ch. Lady Tribly of Clenorchy,  Owner:  Walli Wallis

Ch. Lord Gridly of Glenorchy, Owner:  Walli Wallis


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